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a cool, quiet hour

My Boys

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I’m watching the entire run of the TBS show “My Boys“, and I just pulled a quote from one of the episodes:

“Before you make huge life decisions, consult your soul in a cool, quiet hour.”

I know, it’s a silly TV show… It’s a very silly TV show. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing of value in it!

Of course, now they’re raving about how hot this Swedish nanny is on the show. Value? Sometimes. 😉



thinking thoughts

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What is it about “Glee” that makes me get all pensive and angsty? Nothing about this show is realistic of high school as I remember it. I wasn’t a cheerleader or a star; I never got “slushied” (no one did that stuff at my school); I don’t remember being bullied or really anything other than ignored when I walked down the hallways; and none of my friends suffered through what these kids are suffering.

(Okay, so they’re not kids. I think the youngest actor in the show is probably at least 20 years old, right? At least when the original “Beverly Hills 90210” was airing, the youngest cast member was still an actual high school aged teenager.)

It’s possible I’m being a little over-emotional right now. I’m on vacation watching episode after episode of season 2, part 1 of “Glee”–and loving it, by the way!–and it’s THAT week of the month, and I just spent some time yesterday and today with my friend C, whose mom is actively dying of cancer. C talked to me about how she’s really doing a little bit today, and I’m VERY glad she did. I’m happy that I’ve been able to be here for her right now, and I wish I could be here longer. Remembering C talking about how she’s done being angry, done with denial, done with acceptance, and on into just being sad all the time…I’m crying for her.

And so I’m sitting here watching the Glee characters go through their lives, especially the bullying of Kurt, and it makes my heart hurt. I know there are things like this going on everywhere. People who are different get picked on for being different, bullied for having different opinions or the wrong hair, and sometimes even beaten and killed. I know that I’m lucky to have never been in these types of situations in my life–because my brother picking on me doesn’t count. But watching Kurt going through everything they’re putting him through this particular season makes me want to cry.

 Add me crying for C and her mom to wanting to cry over a fictional character…and I feel a little silly.

But I also feel like there’s something I need to do. I don’t know what I can do for C other than just being there for her to talk to if and when she needs me. Thinking about what’s actually happening in the world to kids like Kurt makes me think there IS something I can do to help them–to let them be more accepting of themselves, and to educate the people around them to realize that “different” is neither bad nor scary–and that it’s our very diversity which makes us better people. So…volunteering to help kids in Kurt’s situation. How do I do that, I wonder? Research time, perhaps?


you will make the ROW80 check-in…in bed…

Sort of a lame attempt at a fortune cookie-type title. Oh, well.

I forgot to check in on Sunday, and this is why: I wrote 1617 words on Sunday afternoon!!! That’ll cover it for a while. It was a re-start for the rough draft I sent in last week. I think I mentioned that I found my basic plotline somewhere around 11K, I think? So I wrote a new beginning that introduces it, and one of the necessary characters, and then it leads straight into my previous beginning. I are soooo clever sometimes. 😉

Popcorn for dinner, looking forward to going to sleep soon. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, but that would be mainly my fault with the whole staying-up-till-all-hours-reading thing. No more, though. Lights out every night at 11pm, except Saturday and Sunday is 12am, cuz I’m always wired when I get home from work Saturdays at 10:30pm, and usually have to do laundry Sunday nights after choir. And since I work neither Sunday nor Monday, that extra hour works for those nights. A little bit of extra relaxation time, and clean clothes to start the week are good reasons, I believe.

Well, I need to start a newsletter and watch an episode of something waiting for me on Hulu…so I’m out. Peace, Salaam, Shalom!!


crappy mood

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Almost didn’t make it in to work this morning; it’s so hard to get up and walk away from my comfy bed and my adorable kitties.

Then midday today my boss calls me into his office to tell me that he’s taking another position in the company, effective May 2nd.

And nothing I’ve tried to listen to or think about or anything is helping me get out of the SHIT!!!!! mood I’ve got going on. I’m sleepy, I wanna go home, and I don’t wanna work anymore.

Unfortunately, I can’t take a name, I don’t get to go home, and I have to keep working. I have figured out that I can listen to “Glee” episodes and that helps. Of course, listening to them sing “Somebody to Love” just made me tear up…but that’s better than rage at the moment.

Next episode, please?


no significant progress…

BUT… I did submit my (very) rough, not-quite-completed draft for the Supernatural/Fringe crossover Big Bang tonight. So I met the deadline, which I think is awesome.

I found a beta reader, too, and she read what I had as of about a week ago. I’d put her comments down in this post, but then I’d get all blushed and embarrassed and I would feel like I was tooting my own horn a little too hard. She loved the story, the premise, the twists and turns, my writing style… You get the picture. I may have to find a critic along with the beta reader so I can get a different opinion.

Off to watch an ep of Doctor Who. Turns out I love Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Decker. Very happy about that!


thursday writing

The Guild

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Didn’t get a blasted thing done at Type and Gripe…so I came home, watched an episode of “Castle”, rewatched a little bit of “The Guild” from season 3, and then got inspired.

Technically, it’s Friday, but I’m sooo counting this for Thursday:

567 words. 🙂


first update in a while…

…and my only excuse is pretty much laziness. Well, in the last couple of weeks, I got a new phone–a brand spankin’ new Windows 7 phone, no less!–and spent waaaaaaay too much time playing around with it. I discovered at Emerald City Comicon while watching Wil Wheaton speaking that my brand spankin’ new phone took completely CRAP pictures. Add that to the fact that it was heavy, it had a whole bunch of stuff on it I didn’t want and wasn’t going to pay to use…and I took it back last night and exchanged it for an iPhone 3GS. I was tempted by the iPhone 4, but reminded myself that just because I technically have enough money in my account doesn’t mean I can actually AFFORD the damn thing. So I stuck with the 3G, and that’s fine–I LOVE IT. I spent most of last night and a lot of today at work playing with it instead of actually working. Oh, well…

I have also been getting some writing done during the day, which rocks. We haven’t been too busy, so I don’t feel too badly about it. Okay, I don’t feel badly about it at all. 🙂 Especially since, with the advent of the SR 520 tolls, I won’t be able to pay off the debts I need to pay off in order to be able to quit this job by October 1. So much for “the plan”. I will hopefully be able to quit by the end of the year, however. All is not lost; still love my coworkers, and they know about the whole doula plan and are completely supportive of it.

Oh, yeah, the progress report: 7,683. About halfway to my goal of 15K for the Supernatural Big Bang I’m writing. I guess it’s time to actually buckle down, especially considering I really need to get it beta-read.

I’m sure there’s more, but considering I just mentioned the need to buckle down with the writing…I’m off.


1.26.11 ROW80 Check-in

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248 words today. 🙂 At work…but whatever. It took like 3 minutes of time when I didn’t have any work on my plate.

Very tired. Was gonna do the church newsletter I wanted to finish last night. Didn’t. Was gonna do my taxes. Didn’t. I watched Friends instead. I’m still watching Friends. Ross is getting on the plane to China right now, and when this is done, I’m soooo going to bed.


update – update what?

Season 4 title card of Supernatural TV series.

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Nothing to update. Nothing whatsoever.

Well, nothing writing-wise, anyway. My “easy” goal of 200 words per day has thus far eluded me entirely. No time, no energy, no…something. And yet, I have time to read, I have time to watch TV (hulu and netflix are my favorites!), and my room is still a complete mess. So I’m reading and watching TV to avoid not only cleaning my room (this has been an issue for quite some time now), but now reading and watching TV to avoid writing. And studying. And sleeping, to a certain extent.

A while back, in one of my posts, I said that I was spending too much time reading fanfiction. Well, here’s the thing: I really like fanfiction. I like reading it, and I like writing it. In fact, I signed up for a 15K fanfiction thing called “The Supernatural Big Bang”. You start with a character or characters from “Supernatural”, the TV show on the CW. Then, you pick another fandom, like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or “Castle” or “Doctor Who” or “Friends“–whatever you love. You take those two fandoms, mix them up, and see what shakes out–in 15K words or more. I attempted this last year, and was unsuccessful in finishing my story. I tried to cross “Supernatural” with “Fringe“, which seemed pretty logical to me. It still seems pretty logical to me. So I’m giving it another shot this time around.

As for “wasting time” writing and reading fanfic…I think that, when you’re not writing at all, writing fanfic is a good way to get the wheels greased and turning. There will (hopefully!) come a time in my life when I don’t need to write fanfic to get myself going; I’ll be writing my own material and loving it, and supporting myself with it, too! For now, I’ve got a story to write, and a couple of other pretty awesome ideas to get back into and finish up.

Not tonight, though…I’m tired, and I’m meeting a friend to walk at 6:30am. Which is in 5 hours and 56 minutes. Good night!!!



Bones (TV series)

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I am a sucker for “Bones“, which airs every Thursday night on Fox. I’m a huge sucker for a show filled with unresolved sexual tension (or UST, in the fanfiction world), and this show has it in spades!!!

Dr. Temperance Brennan, or “Bones”, is one of the foremost forensic anthropologists in the United States, if not in the world. Her partner is Special Agent Seeley Booth of the FBI. Together, they solve mysteries of why and how people died, and they most often find the person or people who committed the crimes. In between, there is witty banter, longing looks between the main characters, enough supporting cast to make the whole thing interesting, and then there’s all that UST.

[spoiler alert for seasons 5 and 6!!!!!]
In season 5, Booth confesses his love for Bones. She turns him down, and at the end of the season, they decide they need a break from each other. She heads off to Maluku for a dig, and Booth heads off to train snipers in Iraq. They come back in the beginning of season 6…and Booth has fallen in love with a sexy blonde reporter he met. Said reporter then conveniently shows up, and there go the hopes of the entire “Bones” audience that their two favorite people will ever get together.

[spoiler alert for current episodes!!!!!]
The episode aired last Thursday, “The Doctor in the Photo”, made me cry. Bones was over-identifying with a murder victim, and she realized that said victim had regrets about not opening up to people in her life–especially to one person, a man who loved her. Bones realizes that she did the same thing with Booth, and she tells him she doesn’t want to have regrets, that she doesn’t want to be like this victim. I almost fell out of my chair. Then Booth says he’s with someone, Bones cries, says she’s lost her chance…and I’m crying.

When I started writing this post, I was totally going to psychoanalyze my reaction to this. Now that I’ve written all this…I don’t want to. It’s not that it has left my head; everything I wanted to say is still buzzing around in there, but I just don’t want to talk about it anymore. Maybe in a few weeks or months I’ll come back to this post and expound upon everything I’ve [not] written here. Until then, I’m out for the night.