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no more kings

Cover of "No More Kings (Dig)"

Cover of No More Kings (Dig)

No More Kings is the name of a band I heard about a few years ago because of a song they did called “Sweep the Leg”. It directly references one of those movies many of us loved as kids–the lovable, geeky underdog making good, getting the girl, and kicking the bad guy’s ass. Or face, as the case may be. Check out the video on YouTube here:

The other song I know from No More Kings is called “Zombie Me”, and this video is the first place I heard it:

Why am I putting this in here? Because I’m thinking about buying at least one of their albums off iTunes. Their self-titled release has both “Sweep the Leg” and “Zombie Me” on it, so I might just start with that one. But I’m digging all their stuff from the brief listening you can do on iTunes. Decisions, decisions.

I’m working this afternoon–as usual, being that it’s Saturday–and not getting any writing done. Damn job, with all its “stuff to do” and “money to make”. 😛 One of my roommates today asked me if I was off to deliver a baby when I left today, but I didn’t have time to correct him–again–and tell him I don’t and won’t be delivering babies. Silly man.

Speaking of roommates, one of the other ones had a girl over this morning, and they were seriously going at it when I got home. I could tell the girl was kind of trying to be quiet, but the gasping was pretty loud. Given the amount of gasping she was doing…and having heard other girls with this particular roommate…I would say that she actually did a pretty good job of keeping quiet. He seems to be pretty talented in the bedroom, if the sounds are any indication. My only issue is that they were having sex a little after noon on a Saturday with everyone home. And up and around. I don’t think I’d be able to do that. At night is one thing; when you’re pretty sure no one else is there or awake, okay. But with everyone there? Uh…no. I’m not a prude, I don’t think. I’m pretty sure that much of my reaction actually has to do with the fact that I’m JEALOUS. *sigh*

 Right. I have to get cat food and go to the credit union tonight as well. I’ll wait until another coworker shows up so I’m not leaving the [relatively] newer coworker here by herself on her first Saturday working. Back to No More Kings!



listening to movies

Yes, I said listening. I’ve been doing this for a while; it’s an alternative to listening to music while working. Of course, it only works if you know the movie(s) in question really, really well.

The first one:

Star Trek (2009)

I bought the DVD of this almost as soon as it came out, of course. I say of course, because anything else would be nearly unthinkable, as I have been an avowed Trekkie since the 7th grade–which is when Star Trek: The Next Generation started airing. Along with the DVD copy, there was a “free” digital copy. I logged into iTunes, entered the code from inside the DVD box, and voila! Free digital copy. It’s on my computer; I play it with the iTunes window minimized.

The second one:

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

I realized I needed another movie to listen to while working; Star Trek rocks, but I needed something else. The first thing that came to mind was Ferris Bueller…so I did it.

The latest:

Labyrinth (1986)

I have this movie on both VHS tape and DVD (and yes, I have a VCR/DVD player, but I’ve had the VHS tape for YEARS). I had the DVD with me a month or so ago, and I tried to listen to it with the DVD, but it wouldn’t play. Stupid restrictions on this computer. Yesterday, inspiration struck, and I went to iTunes and paid to download it. No big deal, it was only $9.99; I still feel a little silly about buying it in yet ANOTHER format. But listening to it yesterday–just for the first time–made the money completely worth it.

At the moment, I’m listening to Star Trek. Again. I almost have the entire movie memorized, and I am still not sick of it at all. Turns out there are some good things to being stuck at my desk all day long, “working”. 😉 “Set phasers to stun.”


two words (plus an ‘and’):

Vixy and Tony

A charity concert for Wayward Coffeehouse, recorded live 12/19/10.

I couldn’t be there, but I’m watching it now… I really, really like these guys. Not quite as much as SJ Tucker and Tricky Pixie…but they’re very entertaining, and they are fun to watch. 🙂