Tales of a barista

Not a Starbucks barista, thankfully; I’m helping out a friend who runs her own coffee house. Last week felt a little rocky, for more reasons than just being a barista on my own for the first time. This week started out a little rocky, but it’s going better thus far. I don’t think I’m born to do this or anything, which seems to be enforced by the flare-up of my carpal tunnel syndrome pain… So while this works as a temp gig, it’s definitely not my dream career.

What is my dream career, you ask? Hell if I know. There’s the doula thing, which I do well, and which I love (or I think I do…we’ll see how that shakes out); then there’s writing, of which I haven’t done much at all recently. My plan this week was to contact some temp agencies in town on the advice of a freelance writer who started getting her first gigs that way. I haven’t done it yet. If I start doing it while I’m at the coffee house, it’s likely that will reliably bring in my customers so I’ll get nothing done on the temp agency search.

Okay, boring post. Haven’t done any writing this week; I have writing group tonight, so we’ll see how that goes. 🙂



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