Figuring everything out

Not that I could figure out EVERYTHING…but I’m figuring A LOT of things out. A couple of really good friends have both pointed things out to me, and asked pointed questions about my feelings about many things in the last few weeks. It started in literary terms (being my own main character), and has continued as those pointed questions that make me think about the reasons for my thoughts and reactions to everything in my life.

See? Everything. 🙂

These friends are…well, they’re my angels. They will tell you that they can’t take credit for the transformations I’m working on, and since I’m working on taking credit for good things in my life (as well as learning to not blame myself for the not-so-positive things in my life), I will not give them all the credit. I’m doing the work; they are the women providing the catalysts for which I’ve been looking.

Thank you to Torrey and to Blyss. Ladies, thank you from the bottom my my soul for your words and your support. ❤



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