five minutes–a success!!!

No, really. I’ve done my 5 minutes three out of four days this week! Wednesday was the one I missed, but considering I wrote for almost an hour this morning, along with another hour this evening, I believe I’ve made up for it.

Today’s glut of words came from an almost-asleep inspiration last night: I needed to start the novel I’ve been trying to revise for a year and a half at the dance scene. No one will understand this reference, as I haven’t let anyone read the thing because I didn’t finish it and it needed to be completely re-written. But instead of merely rolling over and thinking, “I’m sure I’ll remember that in the morning”, as I usually do, I turned on the light, pulled out my little notebook and a pen, and wrote it down.

Amazing what a little bit of determination can do, along with a computer which takes less than a minute to boot up. 🙂



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