writing? not so much…

It’s been a busy month. I put one of my cats to sleep on my birthday (worst birthday ever, including the one when I had pneumonia), and shortly afterward got sick with what has turned out to be gallbladder attacks. Testing continues; surgery is likely, but not on an emergency basis. Turns out gallbladder attacks are manageable if you don’t eat much fat or protein… I’ve lost at least a pant size in the past 2 weeks. Not complaining about THAT, of course; hell of a way to lose weight, though.

It’s pretty easy to forget things like 5 minutes of writing per day. And brushing my teeth before I fall asleep. And taking the dry clothes out of the dryer. It’s a lot harder to forget things to do with my remaining cat; she’s loud and persistent at all times, but unless it’s dinner time, or her box is a mess, the only thing she really wants is attention.

So I haven’t written anything in quite a while, and I’m beginning to feel the lack of it in my life. I’m going to, starting Thursday morning, get back into my routines: specific bedtime with lights off, and specific wake-up time. Two seemingly small things, but both engineered to make my life better.

The third thing is my 5 minutes of writing. I need it like I need good sleep and healthy food. Will report on my progress on Sunday. 🙂



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