very sad birthday

Now I’ve had some not too fun birthdays over the years. Two years ago, in fact, I was deep in the throes of pneumonia, which I thought was just the worst.

Yesterday, unfortunately, took the cake.

My previous post, “sick kitty is sick…”, was about my kitty Theodora being sick (obviously). I was obviously very hopeful that she would get better. But over the past week of in and out of the vet, putting in a feeding tube so she wouldn’t have to fight over force-feeding, and dealing with her sister Wanda’s reaction to “that cat smells BAD!”, it became very clear to me yesterday that Theo was just miserable and suffering. Every time we tried to give her food through her feeding tube (no matter how slowly), she would throw it up.

So I made an appointment at the vet, they gave her a sedative, I held her until she fell asleep, and I left her there. Hardest decision I’ve ever made, and it totally sucked. Still does suck. She was snoring when I left–a VERY Theo thing to do–and twitching a little like she was dreaming. Also a VERY Theo thing to do. It made me feel better to know she was peacefully asleep, and that’s how I remember her when I was leaving.

In a VERY strange turn of events–one of those “holy crap, it’s a small world!” things…one of the vets who had been caring for Theo is from the small city just south of the small city where I grew up. We didn’t figure it out at the time, but later on, my brother told me that she’d been in his class at our very small Catholic grade school for a few years. He remembered she’d moved, and he remembered seeing her at our university a few times as well. And now she’s a vet at an awesome cat clinic in Seattle. Weird…but somehow a little comforting, as well. I’ll be dropping her a note to thank her, and I’ll let her know about that. 🙂

For now…it’s work time. Well, it’s been work time, and I’ve been working as I write this. Hopefully I’ll get some writing time in while I’m here, too; my goals of writing and walking in the mornings haven’t gotten going yet, but they will. It’s high time.




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