sick kitty is sick…

I have two adorable kitties, Wanda and Theodora (named for my grandmother Wanda and her sister Theodora), who turned 11 years old in September (ish). They were under the care of an aunt and uncle for most of their first year, and then I brought them home with me–much to the dismay/delight of my roommate at the time–my little sister.

Well, we’ve had some ups and downs since 2000. Wanda was fat for a while, so we changed foods and she lost weight–and Theo got fat. Never could get Theo to lose weight, until fairly recently. Theo had licked herself a hot spot in the middle of her back, so I had a vet come to the house to see her. She weighed in at 18 pounds (round kitty!), and all her bloodwork was totally normal.

Since then, we switched to a wet food that is supposed to be awesome for them, and Theo started losing weight. Recently, I’d noticed she’d lost a bunch of weight, and then last week she started dry heaving for no apparent reason. I took her to a vet, and it turns out the poor thing is totally jaundiced. Hard to tell with a kitty whose skin is covered up by tortoiseshell hair everywhere. Turns out you can tell on the insides of her ears, the underside of her tongue, and the whites of her eyes. The tests from Saturday came back, and she’s got hepatic lipidosis, meaning she lost a bunch of weight too fast, the fat filtered through her liver and got stuck there, and its made her sick. She won’t eat on her own, not even the super-yummy gourmet high-calorie food they make for kitties who are sick. I dropped her at the vet to stay at least overnight yesterday, and went to see her today to watch and get a lesson in force-feeding. She REALLY doesn’t like it, but she’s getting calories. And dripping food everywhere while the feeding is going on. Stubborn little sh*t…

But she hasn’t thrown up since Saturday night, which I think is an improvement, and she responded really well to me when I was there. I left her there again for tonight to see if they can get her to eat on her own, but if they don’t, I’m still bringing her home with me tomorrow, and I’ll get to force-feed her here instead. Silly stubborn animal.

Now I’m working at home today, and there’s not much to do at the moment. I don’t know if that’s a reflection of the beginning of the year, or a reflection of the fact that it was announced our company was SOLD from our parent company as of January 1. *sigh* From everything I’ve heard thus far, it’s going to be a positive change, and not much is really going to change over the next three months until the actual transition is done on April 1.

Though honestly, I wouldn’t mind getting laid off… the company’s severance package is NICE.



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