ROW80, round 1, 2012

I just read Kait’s post about setting our goals for this new round of ROW80. I have also been a runner, and have been “trying” to become one again.

But I never heard about the Test Mile. At this point, I doubt very much I could run a whole mile (it’s been a LONG TIME), but I know I CAN jog/walk my way around the lake close to my house (almost 3 miles, and mostly walking).

I really like the Test Mile concept, both for running and writing. Like I said, I can’t run a mile, but I know what I CAN run. I very rarely make 1000 words in a day, but I can write 5 minutes a day. I was encouraged to do this in the previous round, and when I actually did it (rarely), it gave me a sense of accomplishment that kept me feeling lighter the whole 5 minutes before I went to sleep, since I usually only found the time at the very end of my day.

In early December, a good friend helped me build a schedule for my life around my 4pm-12:30am work schedule. It’s flexible, and I feel neither restricted nor bored with it. I was thinking yesterday, after reading a friend’s blog post about daily writing in the morning, that I could put my five minutes at the beginning of my day instead of just whenever I remember an manage to fit it in.

Getting out of bed to do the writing will also encourage me to be up and moving around so I can do my running, too. What a concept!

I think Monday will be an excellent time for me to start this–get up for my Five Minutes, and then get out and start walking again. It’s the only way to get a habit started, after all–just start!!! I’ll get to that Test Mile within a couple of months, too. 😉



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