five-day headache

Just when I think it’s not going to happen today, it happens. It’s not a headache that makes me want to scream and claw my eyes out or anything; it’s just kind of dull and there, mainly on the left side. My mom told me to call the doc if it keeps happening, and I believe I’ll be calling the doc tomorrow morning.

On the writing front, for ROW80: my goals were up and down this time, everything from writing 5 minutes a day to doing NaNoWriMo in November, and a few places in between. Nothing has stuck this time around. It took hearing of Anne McCaffrey‘s death to get me writing again this fall, and I’ve written about 5K words in the past few weeks. I don’t think they’re brilliant, and who knows if they’ll go anywhere, but the point is that I’m writing again.

I think that I may not write tonight, however; though I’ve taken the bulbs out of the light above my head and turned down the brightness and contrast on my three computer monitors, my headache is slowly increasing. Definitely time to call the doc tomorrow.  *sigh*



2 responses to “five-day headache

  • Hunter

    Sorry to hear about your headaches, hope your trip to the doc was fruitful, leading you into a good Christmas – and some extra writing time.

    • geekpyxie

      I may have quite a bit of extra writing time this holiday season; we staff my office 24-7, 365, with holidays at double time and a half… 🙂 And we’re not usually that busy, so…extra writing time! 🙂

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