with a little help from auntie b…

…I’m taking control of my life. 🙂

I’ve spent a lot of time moaning about how things in my life suck, especially over the past few months. In the past year, I’ve gone from working 10am-7pm, Monday through Friday, to working 4pm-12:30am Tuesday through Friday, and 1:30pm-10pm Saturdays. There were reasons–jobs reshuffling within the company, people leaving for new opportunities, volunteering to change my shift, and then being asked to change it again, and being told I’m working Saturdays because it was my turn “to take one for the team, because seniority doesn’t matter here.” I’ve had discussions with my direct supervisor regarding changing off of the swing shift, and was told yesterday that it’s not going to happen until AT LEAST the end of January, more like sometime February.

The whining has involved many of the following “issues”: not getting enough sleep, getting up too early, going to bed too late, not getting to write, not getting to study for my doula work, not getting to spend time with my friends, and just not having enough time to spend with myself.

This afternoon before work, I had a brainstorming session with a friend, who calls herself my Auntie B–which is absurd, since she’s less than 4 years older than me. 🙂 But she has a lot of life experience, and a very direct (yet caring) way of telling people what they need to hear about themselves. As I am generally pretty good at accepting these things when I hear them, she really helps me out a lot. We sat down, made a list of things I need to do, plus things I want to do, and then started picking days for these things, and general times for some of them.

We first gave me a going to be/getting up schedule. This is one of the things I am the worst at. I love going to bed late, sleeping late, hitting the snooze button, and making excuses to stay in bed with my cats. However, even though I love these things, most of them are the worst things I can do for myself in terms of getting enough sleep and having a consistent “daytime” for myself. It’s always one of those things I “should” have better control over. Well, starting tonight, I DO have control. And I’m accountable to Auntie B for going with the plan, or discussing changes to the plan.

Mondays, which are one of my two “weekend” days, is now reserved for weekly food planning, grocery shopping, cooking food, and non-cooked food prep for the week. This means less money on eating out, and cooking healthier food than I been eating whenever I eat out, which tends to be about once per week.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays I’m training to be a barista for when my friend has a baby in February and needs assistance.

Thursdays is doula study day.

Friday is lunch day: plan lunch with a friend/friends I want to keep in touch with and can’t hang out with because of when I work.

You get the idea.

As it turns out, I just needed a manager to help me figure out what the hell I’m doing with my time. 🙂 Together with figuring out my budget (which I’m doing mainly on my own with a piece of software called YNAB (stands for You Need A Budget), this plan will help me finally put my life in order.

Mostly. 😉



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