ROW80 update, re: failure

Yes, I said failure. I was gently prodded the other day about my lack of ROW80 updates, and I remembered my pledge to attempt to write for 5 minutes per day. I had completely forgotten it, as I’ve been spending a lot of my extra time helping a friend or two and a bunch of other things that are basically wearing me out. I’m not leaving any time for myself, other than just enough time to get not enough sleep every night.

This is changing. I picked up bread for the coffeehouse this morning, and I’m going to give B her choice of having me there either Thursday OR Friday at 11am, but not both. That’s a definite step forward! I’m going to do that next week as well, depending on other appointments scheduled for the week before work: 2 days, no earlier than 11am, period. Well, Monday is her birthday, and I don’t work, so I’m pretty much hers during the day already…but I’m hanging out with other friends in the evening.

What does this have to do with writing, or lack thereof? Not taking time to take care of myself includes, for me, not taking time to write. Keeping time for myself = making time to write, plus a bonus of sleeping more as well!!! 🙂 Scheduling is key here, people! SCHEDULE.


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