friday’s 5 minutes

Technically, it’s Saturday…but since I get off work at 12:30am, and often don’t have time before then…I’m counting this as Friday’s. 🙂

How bored would we be without the internet? How awful would life be without the opportunity to communicate with someone thousands of miles away virtually immediately? Could this society go back to that if we had to? I don’t know. I’m pretty sure someone like me would be okay mostly; I’d return to my deep roots of libraries, books, and writing with pens. Of course, I would also no longer have a job…but that’s kind of beside the point right now. I would love a lot of things about only having books and telephones again, and needing to write letters instead of emails and such. Of course, with the state of my hands and wrists, I’d need to actually dictate those letters, but that’s okay. I’ll be employing someone else who will need a real job for lack of internets. This kind of sounds like a rant, but it really started out as a “what if”. I think I like the “what if” stuff, sort of. Not the kind of “if only my life were like THIS” what if, but the actual wondering “what if”. After all, most story premises kind of go along with the whole, “What if I had a character who knew…and who could…and drank vodka gimlets all the time?” Well, not exactly. But I think you get the point. 🙂



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