ROW80 post of updatedness

Though there’s not really anything to update. Life is quite hectic right now. I probably shouldn’t have signed up for this…but I think I was hoping for a reason to find some writing time–any writing time. Any at all. Hasn’t happened yet.

I haven’t even set a goal for Round 4 yet, other than writing every day, which will work its way into NaNoWriMo in November. Wow…not sure how that’s gonna happen, either, except that the coffee shop I’m helping to construct/paint/polyurethane wooden counters/scrape old carpet glue off the floors/move and carry garbage for should be open by the end of October at the latest. Hopefully then I’ll be able to get some sleep as well.

Words of encouragement? Anyone? *echo*



3 responses to “ROW80 post of updatedness

  • Ryan King

    Hang in there GP! You signed up because you had hope and a desire to write. If your goal is to write everyday, write for just 5 minutes. That meets your goal and you get some words in. The words don’t have to be perfect, just written. Try it. 5 minutes. I know you can do it 😉

  • Jaleh

    Maybe you can squeeze in a few sentences here and there. If you contemplate ideas while your hands are working, then when you have a break you can jot them down. That would still count as writing time. Still tough I know, but once you have more time again for sitting down, you’ll have some stuff to work with. Good luck with NaNo. I’ll be passing on it this year, but I’ll be cheering on all our other NaNo/ROW80 participants.

  • Robin McCormack

    Like Ryan said, shoot for small increments of time here and there during your day. Get up 15 minutes early and write. Write while eating lunch or dinner. Baby steps. By the end of October, you’ll be ready for NaNo.

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