saturday writing group

Type and Gripe. Totally. There are three of us here right now–whoops, down to two. I’m spending my time looking at spec fiction markets with open submissions. I’m not writing anything, of course, but I am looking at markets and bookmarking them. Silly…

I need to concentrate on writing more. Like get out one of my myriad books on writing and spend time every day doing an exercise. Sitting here staring at my computer in the vain hope of coming up with my next “brilliant” idea isn’t working!

The artwork at our Saturday morning coffee shop has finally changed from frightening naked woman paintings with bird heads and various other random images to stuff with chickens and bunnies and chinchillas and flowers. Much less disturbing. I wonder if they got any complaints on the previous show?

It’s possible I need to re-sign up for A Round of Words in 80 Days. NaNoWriMo is coming up quick–only like a month and a half away now!!!–and I have NOTHING lined up for that. Getting into writing something every day would really be ideal before November happens! Especially since I may need to be AHEAD of schedule this year; I have a doula client due December 10th, and I know that if I leave everything for the last days of the month, I’ll end up attending a birth at the most inopportune moment instead of writing. Of course, I’m not getting paid for either venture, so it’s about even…but I would really like to finish NaNo this year. 🙂 And finishing the story would be a bit of a bonus as well!

I believe I need to set up a schedule for my days. Like a real one, seven days a week, from wake up time to sleep time. I think I’ll work on that at work today, if we’re not too horribly busy. Scheduling time to write a schedule…nice. If it works, then it’s awesome. Maybe I can set up a spreadsheet like my new YNAB program and “budget” my time in minutes. Hmmm…perhaps not. That might be a little bit of overkill… 😉



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