much better

I had my massage this morning (thanks again, Melinda!!) and then had a nice, long, hot shower. I haven’t felt terribly awake since then, but my back feels better, and my wrists and hands…well, they’re probably going to take some more effort on my part.

Now it’s work…though there’s not a lot to work on. Thank goodness for iTunes and downloadable movies! At the moment, I’ve picked “The Mummy“–the first one. The best of the three, definitely. The fact that I’m watching it for the second time this week tells you something about how busy I’m NOT at work right now. 😛

I’ve discovered a budgeting software called YNAB–which stands for “You Need A Budget“. 🙂 I’m working on the free 7-day trial right now, while watching “The Mummy” and pretending to work. I don’t know if I’m going to buy the software, but it LOOKS like a good investment right now…

And now I just want to go home. 😛 Perhaps it’s time to come down with a headache? 😉



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