I finished scraping industrial strength carpet glue off of a concrete floor yesterday afternoon. I didn’t do nearly the whole thing, but I did a bunch. Yesterday’s patch, on top of moving everything I owned last week (plus scraping a little last week and scraping a bunch the week before), was sizeable.

My point? My wrists ache, my hands hurt when I try to grip anything, and my fingers go numb at the drop of a hat. Not good. Typing without my wrist braces is slower than WITH my wrist braces, which is something to see. If you want to be bored, and don’t mind falling asleep.

“What are you still doing typing then?” you might well ask.


Tomorrow morning–that’s Wednesday–I have a massage with my favorite masseuse in the world. I think we’re going for upper body and arms–she just doesn’t know it yet.

I also resolved early this morning that I wouldn’t be eating any more candy, ice cream, or chocolate. I did end up having some candy–partially because my blood sugar totally crashed around 6pm, which was my own fault–and half of a couple of cookies, both of which had chocolate in them. They sure were delish, though…

So Wednesday will improve on today, which was an improvement on yesterday. I do what I can do, and learn from all of it.

gp 🙂


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