the interwebs are on!

Cable guy was here for about 10 minutes, hooked up my modem and the wireless router, and left. I booted up my computer, signed in to the network, and voila! Here I am. I don’t think that could have been much easier, quite honestly. 😉

Now for clothes (as opposed to pajamas–get your mind out of the gutter) and to meet my friend B for a bit today. And then work, at which I will be much more productive than I was last night. And the night before. Sleep for the mind and rest for the much-abused body are wonderful things…

I just let the cats out of my room for the first time this morning. They came upstairs eventually and kind of slunk around a little bit; T tried to get under a chair and hide, but there’s too much of her to fit under that particular chair. There was a foot and a tail left over, silly girl. The buzzer for the door went and they disappeared–poof!–back downstairs. They have yet to reappear, and now that I’m leaving shortly, they will disappear again as soon as someone else starts coming in the door. They’re so predictable…and adorable. 🙂



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