interesting week

I feel better this week than I did last week; I’m still sad about my friends who are very sick with cancer, and for their families. But getting some more sleep has made my outlook better, I guess.

This week it’s about the moving. I was going to move big stuff this morning, but wasn’t feeling well, so my friend A is coming with her dad’s truck on Friday morning instead. Gotta move my bed (and frame), a tall bookshelf, a smallish dresser, the desk into which my sewing machine fits, and my nice table. The rest is boxes that don’t need to be trucked; they’ll fit into car trips very nicely. My mom came Sunday and boxed up all my books, bless her! She also went through a few boxes of paper that I’ve been hanging onto for way too long and sorted out the things I need or might need from the crap I don’t–and we recycled all the crap I don’t! It felt good. Now I just have a laundry basket and a few more boxes like that to go through. Maybe I’ll save those for her on Sunday again… She’s really very good at it. Then again, perhaps I should ask her if that’s okay… šŸ˜‰



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