on packing, moving, and being a girly girl

I got an apartment on Monday. Whew! Total relief. It’s smaller than I remember, but that just means I get to get rid of more STUFF!!! This is all good, trust me. Of course, now that I have the apartment and CAN start to move stuff, I have no motivation. *sigh* My friend B has offered to come over and help me pack on Friday morning…and I might just take her up on it, if I can clean some things up first… My room is a little bit gross right now. πŸ˜›

Now, the girly girl thing: I’m not a girly girl. I don’t usually wear pink, I hate ruffles, I’m super-picky about skirts, and my wardrobe is just not that big. It was mentioned to me the other evening, by a friend whose judgment I trust, that it’s possible that I don’t get a lot of attention from guys because I kind of dress like your stereotypical sporty lesbian. Jean and sandals or trainers, tank tops that aren’t particularly feminine, etc.

I’m also not a petite girl, so with all the tank tops I wear (I tend to buy multiples in different colors) and my broad, fairly muscular shoulders, I can completely see my friend’s point. My female, completely non-lesbian friend. This actually explains some things about who hits on me, come to think of it…

So my next mission, after I finish moving, is to start expanding my wardrobe out of sporty and into a little more girly. Still probably not gonna be a lot of pink, and ruffles will likely be few and far between…but I’ll work on it. With thanks to B. πŸ™‚



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