One of my roommates told me this morning that our landlord has decided to give this house to one of his daughters, so our last day here is the last day of August. My response: see post title.

I HATE LOOKING FOR NEW PLACES. HATE IT. It’s looking like some of us roomies may look for another house together, which would probably be fairly ideal, truthfully, but still…

One good thing: I can–and will!–be getting rid of a lot of shit. A whole lot of shit. Like I’m really going to hire an organizer and bring that person in here and seriously have at it. I have way too much crap, and while I’ve known this for a while, it’s very, very hard to actually go through stuff and say I really, truly don’t need/want an object.

Oy, the furniture…

Do I really want to live with these guys again? I mean, still? One guy is already leaving at the end of the month, and I would really like for one of the other guys to decide to strike out on his own; I think roommate, his son, and son’s girlfriend and I will really be the best fit. I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

*sigh* Gotta get the laundry from the dryer and then go be all responsible and shit. 😛 Good thing I’m not usually this pissed off, or posts here would just be depressing!


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