you will make the ROW80 check-in…in bed…

Sort of a lame attempt at a fortune cookie-type title. Oh, well.

I forgot to check in on Sunday, and this is why: I wrote 1617 words on Sunday afternoon!!! That’ll cover it for a while. It was a re-start for the rough draft I sent in last week. I think I mentioned that I found my basic plotline somewhere around 11K, I think? So I wrote a new beginning that introduces it, and one of the necessary characters, and then it leads straight into my previous beginning. I are soooo clever sometimes. 😉

Popcorn for dinner, looking forward to going to sleep soon. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, but that would be mainly my fault with the whole staying-up-till-all-hours-reading thing. No more, though. Lights out every night at 11pm, except Saturday and Sunday is 12am, cuz I’m always wired when I get home from work Saturdays at 10:30pm, and usually have to do laundry Sunday nights after choir. And since I work neither Sunday nor Monday, that extra hour works for those nights. A little bit of extra relaxation time, and clean clothes to start the week are good reasons, I believe.

Well, I need to start a newsletter and watch an episode of something waiting for me on Hulu…so I’m out. Peace, Salaam, Shalom!!



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