crappy mood

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Almost didn’t make it in to work this morning; it’s so hard to get up and walk away from my comfy bed and my adorable kitties.

Then midday today my boss calls me into his office to tell me that he’s taking another position in the company, effective May 2nd.

And nothing I’ve tried to listen to or think about or anything is helping me get out of the SHIT!!!!! mood I’ve got going on. I’m sleepy, I wanna go home, and I don’t wanna work anymore.

Unfortunately, I can’t take a name, I don’t get to go home, and I have to keep working. I have figured out that I can listen to “Glee” episodes and that helps. Of course, listening to them sing “Somebody to Love” just made me tear up…but that’s better than rage at the moment.

Next episode, please?



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