irony defined

Sunday was my 5th anniversary at my current day job. This means that I’ve been coming to this building (or logging on from home) roughly 5 days per week for the past 5 years. I also count the previous 3.5 months before my hire date when I was a contractor here for a project, but the company doesn’t. Either way, it feels like the longest 5 years of my life.

I worked my previous job for 7 years. It didn’t feel nearly as long, but I have a pretty good theory about that: I worked in 5 different locations during that 7 years, and the first 2 locations were only part time. I moved 4 times (3 of those from one state to another) in that period, so even though it was the same job from place to place, the people were different, the facilities were different, and the locations were diverse as well: 1 midwestern state, 1 southern state, and 1 northwestern state. Yeah, definitely different clientele in those areas! 🙂

I got to work this morning and there are decorations on my desk, hanging from the ceiling above me, and an adorable dinosaur card signed by bunches of my coworkers. I wasn’t expecting it, and it’s pretty nice to be made a big deal of on a day that’s NOT my birthday.

So here’s the irony, if you’re still reading. In my email, there was an announcement that someone in the company (in DC or Virginia, I think) is moving to a new position at a company called Geeknet, Inc. I immediately surfed to Geeknet and looked for job openings. *sigh* On my 5th anniversary. Oh, well.

This is especially silly because I have career #2–birth doula–coming along nicely (slowly, but nicely) and career #3–writer–has been kind of running/waiting in the wings for years. Moving jobs now would be just silly. I have a year left here, and then it’s on to #s 2 and 3, and I can handle that. My team is awesome, and the work isn’t that bad. I think I’m just chomping at the bit a little, because I know #s 2 and 3 will be where I need to be, and I wanna be there NOW.

Unfortunately, instant gratification in the form of tv, movies, crackberries, and iPhones have trained me to expect things now. There are 2 things in my life I want now that I just have to work toward and wait: getting out of this job, and losing weight. Neither has a pill I can take nor a mantra I can recite to make either come faster.

Winning the lottery would likely help with both of those things, but I’m not holding my breath on that one–especially since I never remember to buy a damn lotto ticket.

gp 🙂


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