first update in a while…

…and my only excuse is pretty much laziness. Well, in the last couple of weeks, I got a new phone–a brand spankin’ new Windows 7 phone, no less!–and spent waaaaaaay too much time playing around with it. I discovered at Emerald City Comicon while watching Wil Wheaton speaking that my brand spankin’ new phone took completely CRAP pictures. Add that to the fact that it was heavy, it had a whole bunch of stuff on it I didn’t want and wasn’t going to pay to use…and I took it back last night and exchanged it for an iPhone 3GS. I was tempted by the iPhone 4, but reminded myself that just because I technically have enough money in my account doesn’t mean I can actually AFFORD the damn thing. So I stuck with the 3G, and that’s fine–I LOVE IT. I spent most of last night and a lot of today at work playing with it instead of actually working. Oh, well…

I have also been getting some writing done during the day, which rocks. We haven’t been too busy, so I don’t feel too badly about it. Okay, I don’t feel badly about it at all. 🙂 Especially since, with the advent of the SR 520 tolls, I won’t be able to pay off the debts I need to pay off in order to be able to quit this job by October 1. So much for “the plan”. I will hopefully be able to quit by the end of the year, however. All is not lost; still love my coworkers, and they know about the whole doula plan and are completely supportive of it.

Oh, yeah, the progress report: 7,683. About halfway to my goal of 15K for the Supernatural Big Bang I’m writing. I guess it’s time to actually buckle down, especially considering I really need to get it beta-read.

I’m sure there’s more, but considering I just mentioned the need to buckle down with the writing…I’m off.



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