my big brother’s birthday

So it’s February 17th, and that means my big brother D turns 38 today. How does he feel about this? No idea; I haven’t called him yet. I imagine he’s treating it like any other day–he’s really pragmatic like that.

Question: when I call him, do I pick on him for NOT calling me for MY birthday last month? 😉

This is my ROW80 check-in post as well, and my first post here in a few days.  2028 words, which isn’t a lot since the last update, but it’s something.

I also have a new personal trainer, who I LOVE. And when I say “new”, I don’t mean I replaced a previous trainer or anything; L is my first one. I LOVE HER. She was in my doula training class with me, and she mostly works with mothers and mothers-to-be, but I asked, and she said yes. She kicked my (not so) little butt around the little gym where we meet on Monday morning, and now I’m doing stairs here in my building 4 times a day to keep moving. And I’m supposed to do more cardio as well, but I haven’t as yet. It’s very, very hard for me to get up and do anything early in the morning unless I’m doing something WITH someone–like walking around the lake with my walking partner, T.

This reminds me…it’s time to go do steps. I should probably tie my shoelaces first, though. 😉



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