redefining my ROW80 goals! (and big bang 3)

My original ROW80 goal was to write 200 words per day, which would total 16K words or something like that. I was going to be re-writing my NaNo 2010 novel from 3rd person instead of the 1st person in which it sits.

Looking back over the past 6 weeks, this has NOT been happening. Not even a little bit. I haven’t opened the NaNo 2010 story since the week after I made my original goals. The writing I have been doing has been centered around a couple of fanfiction things I had originally determined to abandon–but in so doing, I was no longer writing at all.

So I picked the fanfic back up. I, in fact, signed up for something called a Big Bang over on LiveJournal. There are all sorts of Big Bangs, in every fandom, in almost every type of category one can dream up. The one I joined is a Supernatural Crossover Big Bang–the same community I signed up for last year and never finished the story. The premise is to start with a Supernatural character (or characters), pick another show/fandom and a character (or characters) from that fandom, and write a “plausible” story of 15K words minimum by mid April or early May or something.

The writing I’ve been doing in the past couple of weeks (still not much, but more than previously) has been centered around this Big Bang. My premise from last year starts with John Winchester (father of Dean and Sam, the main characters in Supernatural) and Olivia Dunham from Fringe; this is where I started for this year’s as well, and I just really like the interactions between the two of them. I think I’m supposed to be at about 5K words at the moment, and there’s some sort of check-in on the community today. I’m at 1,573 at this moment, and there will likely be more by the time I do my check-in later. I had a brain wave on the story I’ve started–nothing like the shower to clear my thoughts and come up with awesome ideas. 🙂

So…my official ROW80 goal is NOW at least 15K, and to complete this Big Bang. I don’t think I can do daily writing goals, as that hasn’t been working thus far. However, there are several other check-in points for the Big Bang (which I can’t check right now because I’m at work), and I will use those for goals to start with at the moment.

On to the writing! I mean the working…yeah, the working. That’s it… 😉



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