…followed by Wednesday’s check-in

I just put Sunday’s (Monday’s) check-in on Wednesday’s linky tool, and Wednesday’s (Thursday’s) check-in is soon to follow.

461 words today. About half of that was at work; the rest was here at home.

I am planning to write in the car on the way to Portland Friday morning, however, and then most likely on the way back to Seattle Saturday night. 🙂 I haven’t given up, though I imagine I’ll be adjusting my goal sometime in the fairly near future. Just too late to think about it tonight.



One response to “…followed by Wednesday’s check-in

  • Shari

    Goal adjustment seems to have hit everyone I’ve checked in with, so you’re right on pace with….a lot of writers right now! Keep on going, your writing plan seems to be working, no matter how you need to adjust along the way. Have a great week!

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