monday evening check-in…kinda

Totally missed that whole Sunday check-in thing. The only things I’ve written since Wednesday would be texts, emails, FB statuses, and ad hoc SQL programs for my job. Actually, any one of those things separately might come up to 200 words per day–especially the SQL programming!–but I’m not looking at it that way.

This weekend, however, I did 2 things: I hired a personal trainer, and I decided to get an organizer to help me purge all the crap in my room, my bit of the basement, and my car. Of course, the person whose ad I answered from craig’s list has yet to contact me back, but I had a friend offer to do it instead–and this is a friend who will be most helpful. She’ll have her instructions to not take my sh*t, make me look at things and realize I really don’t need them, and she’ll help me get rid of a lot of stuff. Not the cats…just lots of everything else!

Now I’m sitting at church waiting to run a meeting. Yeehaw. Wish I were home with the cats.



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