1.23.11 Checkin, ROW80

226 words yesterday. 🙂 Getting there, getting there…

And I finished my birth doula training class over the weekend. Found myself a bunch of sisters I never knew I wanted–or needed, even. I started the first weekend being totally excited; finished the first weekend feeling pretty overwhelmed. Started this weekend feeling pretty damn scared–lots of insecurity around never having been in the same room as a birth again. Last night at the end of class, we stood in a circle and talked about what we’d be taking away with us, and I realized I wasn’t scared anymore–and that I’m moving into a sisterhood that I never really knew I’d been looking for. Living and working the way I have been is so isolating, and it’s not been what I need in my life.

*heaving huge sigh of relief*



One response to “1.23.11 Checkin, ROW80

  • Susan Bischoff

    Don’t know what you’re goals are, but it looks like you’re still plugging away. Congratulations on finishing your class. It sounds very rewarding, and I’m sure you have a lot of crazy exciting, amazing experiences ahead of you.

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