217 WORDS! or ROW80 update 1.19.11

That’s right, folks–217 words written yesterday. It’s the first substantial amount of words I’ve written since the end of November. And when I say substantial, I mean more than the sentence I’ve written on my re-write of the NaNo novel.

This particular 217 words was on a fanfic series I’ve been working on since last year for “Supernatural“. We were given 30 prompts (1 word prompts, in this case) and directed to write 30 so-called “snapshots”. They can be tied together as a story, or glimpses of a character or characters’ lives, or anything else you can think of. There just need to be 30 of them. I think I’m on 12 or 13, and have actually only published 9 or 10 of them on LiveJournal. I was stuck for a while on one of the snapshots, and I think I’ve finally unstuck myself. Amazing what realizing that fanfic writing is still WRITING will do for the stalled imagination…

In other news, I told my boss about my doula plans. I realized in one of the class sessions last weekend that I just really needed to tell him–partially because I’ll be needing some somewhat flexible time off days, but mostly because I don’t want to lie about it anymore. I guess I was worried he would fly into a rage and fire me, but once I realized that wasn’t gonna happen, it was all okay. So I told him I’d be around until the end of September, and I think I’m going to stick with that–unless I get employment through a birth center or a hospital that starts sooner. I need to keep working, and have a steady income, to pay things off between now and then so I don’t have to have such a steady income when I’m done here.

So…that’s the news as I know it. Until Sunday!!!



3 responses to “217 WORDS! or ROW80 update 1.19.11

  • jllove871

    You survived NaNo, Tell me about it. i read the “No Plot, No Problem” book by Chris Baty and set myself an individual challenge and it is challenging. How did you do it?

    • geekpyxie

      Honestly, every time I’ve done NaNo (this was my fourth year, third year to finish) I’ve gone at it a different way. My first year was pretty much stream of consciousness, anything that came to mind that I could do with my characters, jumping from plot to plot… It was a mess. I still haven’t even tried to edit it yet. I think it needs to be about six different books!

      My second year, I was about 25K in when some family stuff came up that sent me from where I live to Phoenix. I didn’t get any further, and I haven’t touched that one since then. It was also pretty much stream of consciousness, all first person, and about 7K of that was sex between my main characters. Apparently I was feeling a bit hot and bothered that month… 😉

      Third year, I started with characters, character sketches, visualizations of the characters, basic plot, sub plots, and a chapter outline. I even mostly followed it! The last 5K was also sex between my main characters, but in my defense, I was in one of those “might be starting a relationship with this guy!!!” modes. I needed to write a lot that last night, so I went with the sex. 😉

      This year, I started with a well-thought out plot, characters, subplot, everything I had last year (different story, of course!). I got about 500 words in and became so uninspired that I actually deleted it (which I never do!) and started something else. This was also fairly stream of consciousness, but I did write out some plot points for future reference as I went along. I got about 15K into that and ran headfirst into a big, thick wall. Instead of deleting that and starting from 0 word count, I actually counted that into my total, but started a new story. That one got up over 36K by the end of November, plus my original 15K added together = winner.

      I’m obviously not the world’s most organized writer. Not sure if you could tell. 😉 But it helps to have goals, a deadline, and the determination to carve out time every day. I have the first two…but not doing so well on the determination part at the moment. I’m finishing a class this weekend, and I will be picking up some extra time when that’s done. Sort of. But determination shall come on Monday morning–oh, yes, it shall!!! 🙂

      Good luck to you!

  • Sonia

    Yes, Yes, yes! It does count!! Way to go on the fanfic.
    Congrats on the nano project, you survived! I have to say this go around really wiped me out…It took me awhile to recover in writing, and in life, lol! I still have yet to look it over and even think about editing and rewrites. Besides, a new idea gripped me, so I’m riding that wave. Just a little slower. 🙂

    I hope you are able to get everything taken care of by September. It will all work out!

    Until Sunday, keep up your hard work and good luck.
    Have a great night.

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