And again…ROW80 1.12.11 Update

Still no words. However, given the state of my life right now, I find this entirely unsurprising, and I am not feeling guilty. Here’s why:

2 migraines last week

back spasms yesterday

studying for doula class



attempting to have a life

Also, my coffeehouse–the one that has been closed due to fire since the Sunday before Thanksgiving–is where I tend to get a lot of writing done. I haven’t found another place that sort of lets me walk in, be me, and do what I need to do/get into the right headspace to really write.

That last one feels like a pretty poor excuse. But honestly, I feel so at home there! It’s a haven (Firefly reference there!) for geeks of all flavors, and it’s like I can walk in the door and relax and just let stuff flow. I don’t know if they’re re-opening–there’s a whole drama going on with the landlords, apparently–so I guess I’m going to have to train my brain to get that headspace going somewhere else. :-/

Until then, I’ll keep studying, sleeping, and attempting to both stay healthy and have some sort of life. Staying healthy will definitely contribute to having time and energy to write, so that’s a big one. I’m going out with a friend tomorrow night after work–like out to a bar or two!! Social life, here I come! (?) 🙂



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