1.5.11 Check In, ROW80

Progress report: 0 words to date.

And this update is a day late.

Causes for 0 words: laziness. Reading for doula class coming up this weekend. Sleeping.

Causes for late check-in: laziness. Perhaps a little shame for having 0 word count.

Lesson(s?) learned: Given the choice between doing something productive and doing nothing, I will generally choose nothing. Wait, I knew that one already… Okay, here’s one: ignoring my responsibilities (stuff I said I’d do, not necessarily things others expect of me) makes me feel lazy and fat. Not particularly sad…just lazy and fat.

Resolutions: Nope, I don’t make those. Never can keep them.

However… I will write 200 words tonight before bed. If more words come and I’ve gotten my class reading in too, all the better. If I only get 200, then I’ve done what I’ve said I would for the day. That will deserve a hooray.

I’ll let you know how it goes on Sunday. 🙂



One response to “1.5.11 Check In, ROW80

  • catewrites

    I don’t do resolutions, either. If you’re not willing to do it the rest of the year, why make unrealistic expectations that you’ll suddenly change your ways? I’m with you on that one!

    Good luck with the writing!

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