random dan to unrandomize…

…and re-randomize somewhere else. He just quit! Today! Well, he gave notice today; not sure when he’s going. Apparently this “corporate life” just isn’t for him.

If he thinks this little programming job is a decent slice of “corporate life”, he is sadly mistaken. But…whatever. He’ll be randomizing someone else’s life soon enough, which is really going to work well for me.

He just dumped tea onto his “brand new” refurbished personal laptop, and while cleaning it up, he was muttering something about “…surface tension…” I understand how surface tension could be useful in figuring out how to clean up spilled liquid, which is the scary part–the randomness is not exclusive to him.

On a different note, I started a Whole Foods Body Cleanse this morning, with the goal of eating smaller meals of whole, non-processed foods. Four pieces of pizza and 6 pieces of Trader Joe’s¬†chocolate later… Ah, well. Not a failure; just a day. Perhaps a learning experience, even. No chocolate left, and I did have two pieces of fruit and at least a serving of veggies in my incredibly bland “Eating Right” lunch entree. Not eating that “Five Grain Chicken with Plum Sauce” one again–pretty gross. Tonight I’m going to go through my soup book again and find at least one recipe I can make that has no/can be made with no processed foods whatsoever. Maybe I’ll even run out and get the ingredients and MAKE THE SOUP tonight. No promises, but I may give it a shot.



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