random dan

My coworker is the most random person I’ve ever met. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but he is. He has a tendency to go off in tangents from discussions which make sense to NO ONE but him–even after he explains those tangents. He also listens to Pandora music all the time, and stuff he hears tends to crack him up–suddenly and loudly. This then prompts the whole “what’s so funny?” queries, and it’s not usually anything that could be construed as funny by anyone who wasn’t high as a kite or in the later stages of dementia. Is Random Dan high all the time? I don’t think so; he doesn’t smell like pot or cigarettes or booze. Is Random Dan in the later stages of dementia? Given his apparent age (late 20’s, early 30’s), I seriously doubt it.

My point today? Sometimes his randomness is funny, almost endearing. Today, I want to duct tape his mouth and hit him over the head with something fairly heavy.

This could be a function of my exhaustion–working 2nd shift this week, and I don’t sleep well during the day…but last night into this morning was particularly not good. I worked until almost 2am, went home, then woke up at 7am to drive to my chiropractor for an 8am massage appointment. I then hung around here all day waiting for my 4pm shift, did a little errand, put gas in the car, tried to work on the church newsletter…and didn’t take a nap. Wanna go to sleep now. Only another SIX HOURS or so until I go home. *sigh*



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