work, and possibilities…


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Apparently being a doula, my current life plan, is not going to pay well. There are several factors here:

1. Most insurance companies don’t cover them.

2. People who could afford them won’t pay the money right now, because the economy is in the toilet.

3. Seattle is kind of doula-central. There are lots of them here.

This factor might put other people off the doula plan entirely–including me, in earlier years. Or even possibly earlier this year! But I, of a sudden, am not daunted by this whatsoever. I am determined to take the training, get all of my certifications as quickly as possible, and dig up doula jobs wherever they might be found.

My friend J, who is also a doula, has three jobs at the moment. She is working at a daycare-type establishment, at REI, and as a doula. She also has teaching certification in a certain type of birthing class, but she may not keep that–something about disagreeing with the group running it. Either way, J is a busy girl, and making ends meet is sometimes a real challenge for her.

I am not worried about the possibility of needing multiple jobs. Perhaps I should be, but for some reason it’s just not registering. It could be that I’m looking forward to being more active than I am now; this whole “sitting at a desk typing and clicking a mouse” thing is soooo not for me. I can completely see myself having a couple of part time jobs–maybe even one at my fave coffee shop if Broenwyn will hire me when the time comes. I could also see being a nanny, or a fairly low-key type of PA, or…almost anything, really. Writing would be ideal, but I’ve got habit building to do there, not to mention writing and submitting things. 🙂 Basically, I believe I’m looking forward to getting out of the soul-suck that is my current job all frickin’ day!!!

Okay, all done. Not done with possibilities, however, which is the best part. 🙂



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