unable to go to bed due to exhaustion

Wait a minute…that seems extremely illogical.

I was going to sit here for a bit, send an email to my dad’s side of the fam on behalf of my sister and her kids (stuff they need for Christmas), and maybe watch something on www.hulu.com. Instead, I send that email, hang out on FB, chat a little with a friend, and now I’m updating my blog. *sigh*

But I’m so comfy under a nice, warm laptop, a fuzzy old blanket, and two warm kitties… My hands are still moving to type, and my eyes are still (mostly) open. But I have no energy to get out from under all these warm things, brush my teeth, put the heating pad on my bruised ass for a while, and go to bed. If this were my own apartment/house, I might think about staying right here and sleeping for a while. It’s happened before, in my last place especially. I had this uber comfy chair where I periodically fell asleep for a little while, and then woke up with the energy to get ready for bed and go to bed. If I do that here, my roommates will probably think I’ve passed out and they need to call IX-I-I!!!

I bought some books today that I very likely shouldn’t have bought. I walked into that Borders thinking I would just look and not buy anything…and I came out with a buy 1, get 1 1/2 price deal and a little cookbook for soups that was in the bargain section. Hello…like I don’t have other books to read???

Okay, now I’m ready to get up and go to bed. Hope anyone reading this, whenever you read this, is having a good night/day as well!!



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