pain in the ass

Saturday morning at about 9:40am, I left my house in a hurry to get to my last choir rehearsal before Sunday’s concert. As I skipped down the front steps, I clearly thought to myself, “I have to scrape my windows!”, as there was such a thick layer of frost on the cars I could see, it looked like it had snowed. I didn’t, however, think that perhaps with all that frost, other things might be slippery as well–like the front steps of my house, which are new, completely bare wood.

I believe I’ve accurately pieced together what happened at this point. On the fourth step, my left foot slipped out from under me, flinging my clog from my foot a few feet away onto the front walk. Because it was the left foot that I was putting my weight onto, I fell onto my left side–actually, the left side of my rear end. I ended up kneeling at the bottom of the steps, saying what I believe were lots and lots of curses that started with “FUCK!”. It’s possible all I said was fuck, actually, over and over and over.

Eventually, I got to my feet. Once I was standing, I got my foot back into my clog, and then noticed that my vision was tunneling. I was pretty sure I was going to pass out from the pain, and I figured that would be very bad, considering I would likely land on my ass, and that would REALLY HURT. I braced myself on the porch railing and concentrated on breathing for a while. Then, when I was pretty sure the urge to pass out was gone, I limped my way up the steps, crossed to the door (almost passing out once more), and let myself back into the house. I limped up the inside stairs to my bedroom, where I dropped my pants, sobbing, and took a look. Not turned colors yet, but there was this puffy lump above an interesting depression in my ass cheek.

Over that day, the colors of the bruise really started to come in beautifully–purple and black and red. It was very obvious that I took the brunt of the fall straight across my left ass cheek, side to side. No bruising in the middle at all, which is good–I know for sure I would have broken my tailbone at the very least. I did discover pretty quickly that I could sit DOWN, but that I couldn’t sit BACK. I ended up sitting  with the left part of my ass off the edge of my chair at the concert on Sunday, but it was a lot more comfortable than sitting back, or standing in between singing periods off to the side of the stage, or even behind stage.

It’s now Thursday afternoon, and the bruise is mainly red now. The puffy part is still puffy, and starting to turn colors as well. Also, when I push on the puffy part, I can feel something sort of almost-crunching, tugging feeling in the top of my thigh. It’s not bruised there, and it doesn’t hurt in the least. The pain is much better, but it still catches me off guard quite a bit, and driving is still kind of a special agony.

So do I take this to my doctor, or just let it go and everything will more or less heal on its own? Pretty much sucks, at this point. 😛



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