friday is thursday


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It’s Friday, which is traditionally the end of the work week. It’s been the end of my work week, with only a couple of exceptions, for the past five years.

As of last week, however, Friday is my Thursday. I still have one more day in my work week, which is just…odd. And stupid.

But enough of the bitching. There was actually something I wanted to talk about here, I think…

First: cell phone addiction. I admit that I am addicted to my Crackberry. I can’t really deny it; it goes where I go, and I can check my email on it, get blog posts I’ve subscribed to, text friends, call people, and surf the web. If I’m somewhere and bored or waiting for something, I can pull it out and amuse myself for as long as necessary. The cell phone addiction, however, has been feeding my fanfiction addiction as well.

I left my cell phone at home accidentally yesterday morning, and I felt as though I’d misplaced a piece of my brain for most of the day. Interestingly, I had resolved while in the shower yesterday morning that I was going to stop the fanfic, cold turkey. It was time. Again. For reals. I think leaving my phone at home “accidentally” was my subconscious way of going cold turkey. Thus far today, no temptations. 🙂 I think it’s gonna work!

Second: A good friend of mine told me about these recurring dreams she’s been having the other night. In them, I am her boys’ stepmother. Not like I’m married to her husband or any other reference to him within these dreams–I’m just their stepmother, and apparently they’re happy dreams, and she’s been viewing them as comfort. I didn’t understand that statement, but as this was a texting conversation I didn’t go too deeply into it.

As it turns out, she is getting a divorce from her husband. This is new; just happened in the last week, I think. They have two small boys, almost 4 and already 5, I think. The news of the divorce coming on the heels of her informing me of these dreams makes me feel like she believed the dreams were her brain’s way of telling her that it would be okay for her to get divorced from their father–something about knowing there will be someone else around for their father to love who will help make the boys’ lives happier as well.

What’s even weirder is that I think her husband is just adorable. If he were single, I would date him, if he wanted to date me. Now, supposedly, he will be single. And his wife is my friend, and I know him, because we go to the same church. Gee, that wouldn’t be at all awkward, would it?

I really, REALLY want to talk to my mom about this…but my friend asked me not to tell anyone yet. Since my mom is in this church as well, I really can’t tell her until it becomes common knowledge. The divorce, I mean, not me dating her husband… So weird!

Third, and last: I won NaNoWriMo this year. 🙂 Hit 50,176 at around 9pm Tuesday night, November 30th. The story isn’t complete; but it is one that I am excited about, and will not be putting away. That’s kind of a first for me!

Gotta finish working so I can go home, work on the newsletter, and get ready to come back to tomorrow at 1:30pm. *sigh*



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