nanowrimo woes – 15,206 words

Supposedly the second week of National Novel Writing Month is the hardest to get through. After the week I’ve had, I couldn’t agree more.

1. The cold hangeth on. It started last week Tuesday night with a scratchy throat, prompting the purchase of cough drops. I started with the Sudafed and Mucinex (generics of both, naturally) Wednesday, cancelled a listening session I was supposed to do after work that evening, and have been snuffling and sneckling and coughing a bit ever since then.

2. Work has been busy. Honestly, about half of what I have written at this moment has been written at work. But this week has been busy enough to keep me doing actual WORK at work. Annoying? Yes. Better than writing while at work? Technically…yes. Frustrating? Yes. I missed my Tuesday night write-in as I was working until about 9pm (2 hours later than I should have), and Monday and Wednesday nights I’ve just been too tired to write when I get home.

3. Fanfiction addiction!!! Yes, really. Still. I did quit reading bad Stargate and not-so-good Bones stuff; instead, I’m back in my first love: Highlander. Highlander fanfic was the first fanfic I’d ever found online (that I remember). It’s the first fanfic I ever wrote (mostly at the job I had at the time–sound familiar?), and some of my favorite reads ever have been Highlander. In my last foray back to one of my all-time faves, Rhiannon, I ended up on a site I’ve never visited, and have been ploughing through stuff there like crazy.

I know, excuses, excuses. 😛

Tonight, I’m supposed to go to my regular Type and Gripe group, but there’s a football game at UW tonight starting at 5pm. By the time I leave here at 7pm, traffic is likely to be picking up and getting horrible again, which means I may have issues getting to the coffeehouse any time before 8pm. All that driving makes me tired (lame excuse!!!)…so we’ll see.

This weekend I’m hoping to get bunches done, however. Saturday is my friend Cindy’s birthday party/weekly football game party at her house about 45 minutes from me. The game will be done around 1-2pm, depending on how long it’s on delay while we’re watching it (gotta love the DVR). Then I’m going to take a nap at their place for a while, get up and eat some more, and then head to a late-night write-in about halfway between Cindy’s and my house. It starts at 10pm and goes until 2am. Ouchie. But I’m doing it!!!!

Sunday church, then writing all afternoon, then choir, then home to bed…and Monday is my first day off before I start my Tuesday through Saturday work schedule. I have someone coming to see the house at 1pm, but the rest of my day and my night are for writing. I’m hoping to put that down for a 10K day… 🙂

It’s possible I’ll still get through the novel. No promises, but I am NOT giving up, nor giving in!!!


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