I’ve heard it said that men are big babies when they get sick. They flash back from adulthood to about 4 years old at the first sign of a sniffle.

Confession: I do the same thing, and I am most definitely not a man.

I don’t do the whole “poor me, life sucks” attitude–except for when I get sick. This one isn’t even that bad; I’ve got a cold, including a pretty sore throat, some sinus drainage (= sore throat), and I’m tired. That’s it. Yet all day long today, I harped on the fact that I have a cold. It worked as an “excuse” for lots of things–letting my supervisor handle a harder request instead of taking a stab at it myself, letting other people do more work than me…

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?) I took more cold medicine about an hour ago, so I get the distinct feeling I don’t really care right this minute. I’m only complaining about it now because I’m tired and no longer want to even pretend that I’m working. 😛



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