new guy

We hired a new guy a few months back. It was a little bit rough at first, as it always is when we bring in someone who knows nothing about our database and the teeny tiny ins and outs there are to learn with every process. I kind of thought he was settling in okay, but now I’m beginning to have my doubts. He has no attention to detail, he talks to himself almost constantly, and has learned to ask questions out loud before he looks stuff up on our Wiki.

To make a long story short (too late!), he’s beginning to annoy me.

Not annoying like that guy a couple of years back, but still annoying. Because of how we’re sitting, he’s gotten into the habit of pointing at his screen and asking a question before he says my name or tries to get my attention–even though I almost always have my headphones on.

And then there are the little things he does wrong, more than once, and doesn’t seem to understand or make connections with why what he’s done is wrong or not complete.

Must stop bitching now…

NaNoWriMo isn’t going so well. I haven’t gotten to 5K yet, and I think we were supposed to be around 10K this past weekend. And now I’m pretty sure I’ve got a little cold starting–the back of my throat hurts, which is never a good sign. Thought I had some Halls in my desk drawer, but apparently not. 😛 I can always head down to Safeway and grab some, I guess, but I just don’t know if I feel like it quite yet.

Maybe I’ll take a quick poll and see if anyone has any. And then I’ll go get some tea.


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