getting over myself

My phrase for the week, strictly for me, is “Get over yourself!”

What I mean when I say it’s strictly for me, I mean I’m not saying it to anyone else who is taking themselves too seriously. I’m just saying it to ME.

It works amazingly well. For instance, I’ve been griping about having to switch my work shift from M-F to T-Sat, and the double-standards present between people who make more than me and me. I had another meeting with my boss yesterday, at which we sat down and discussed when I’d be switching, and when I’d be making up a couple of days I was sick last week, as I didn’t have the sick days left to take. He was talking about, instead of me making those days up, docking my pay for those 2 days. I told him he needed to do whatever he needed to do, and that whatever happened, I’d be fine with it.

As I said it, I realized it was true.

I realized very quickly thereafter that I’ve accepted the change in my work schedule.

Why? I got over myself.

I got over feeling put-upon and undervalued; I got over caring who gets treated better than me because they have more money or a more powerful position than I have.

Have I gotten over myself with the hatred of my job? No, not really. But I did discover last night that I DO have the energy to do things when I get home from work after a long day of programming. I finished the newsletter and sent it in a little after midnight.

So the more I can let just roll off my back, the calmer and happier I will be. I can say I’m not exactly EXCITED about the schedule change or the double standard, but I refuse to create drama around it anymore. I’m going back to being drama-free, with the exception of the occasional Shakespeare or Star Trek quotes.


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