My company had a night out last night–sort of a celebration of the release of a new product we’re marketing. We rented a private room in a bar nearby, complete with food, two free drinks apiece, and four bowling lanes. I don’t bowl, but I do eat, and I do drink…and as I tend to have more rough days than good days since I really don’t like my job (see previous post), I had some stuff to drink. Two free glasses of wine, three mandarin orange vodka tonics, some sort of chocolate cake shot, and then a bunch of water!

I realized when I was there, it seemed to be completely normal and right for me to touch my friends on arms, shoulders, faces, etc.–all the “appropriate” places. Lots of hugs, some handshakes, some leaning. It didn’t feel weird in the least, which is a little odd for me–I’m not usually a very touchy person, unless it’s a small child or my really close friends or family.

No one objected or moved away. I got lots of smiles, return hugs, and co-leaning. I didn’t feel subconscious about my body, what I was wearing, or how I moved through crowds of people. It was absolutely glorious.

The task now is to be that way all the time–feeling glorious, not afraid to show affection, and just having a great time.

I’ll let you know how that goes for me. 🙂


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