Three people got promotions in my team today; not big promotions, but they do have more responsibility and visibility on the team and in the company as a whole. All three of them were hired after I was, and they are interested in the parts of the job I am not–which is technically all of the job. I was interested when I first started, and I’ve done a lot to build and support my team throughout the years. I’m no longer happy here, and looking for an entirely different course of happiness in my life. I don’t want more responsibility or visibility in the company.

And yet I’m jealous.

I’m so jealous I feel a little sick.

Why am I jealous that these three extremely intelligent and eager people got promoted to a position I don’t want in the tiniest bit of my little toenail?

Oh, yeah. They’re on a career path they want, and are pretty fulfilled there.

I, on the other hand, am NOT on a career path I want. I don’t know for sure where to go from here, but I know I don’t want to stay.

I’m seriously considering training as a doula, however. I’ve even asked off for days of training workshops already in January and April, and I’m going to talk to my doula friend at church a lot more about it.

Looking forward to what I am planning to do is very relaxing. I feel better now; the jealousy doesn’t make me feel sick anymore, and I can truly wish my coworkers well. šŸ™‚



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