double standards

*rant on*
At my company, employees who are able to work from home are granted 10 work from home days, no questions asked. More than that has to be approved, and if it happens a lot, it’s a problem.
–A couple of years back, I was having some pretty severe depression issues, and not dealing with it well. Working from home was often the only way to keep myself from breaking down in tears after 15 minutes in the office. At my year-end performance review, I was warned that this was not acceptable, and that it had to stop.
—Supervisors (in my department specifically) seem to have an unlimited number of days to work from home. For instance, the main boss has been “working offline” for the past two days, and we have yet to see him or hear from him this morning–and it’s 10:38am.

Today, there is a shiny black Charger sitting ON the hashed space between two handicapped spaces. This is CLEARLY illegal. I mentioned it to the front desk, and I was told that it was the VP’s car. Front desk guy kind of shrugged and said maybe the parking people for the city would come by and he’d get a ticket. Maybe? I’m thinking we call in an anonymous tip. I don’t care if you’re a VP of our section of the company, you DON’T get to park in the handicapped area, no matter how many cars are parked in the lot. You’re supposed to park off-site anyway!
*rant off*

Yeah, that did it for a while. 🙂


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