Strowler Nights, the brainchild of Kevin “K” Wiley, ran this weekend in Seattle, Washington–and it was AMAZING. šŸ™‚

I haven’t been part of this music scene for very long; it’s been defined as fairy punk, spiritual, irreverent, loads of fun, and many other positive things I’m not remembering correctly at the moment. This event, which started at 6pm both Saturday and Sunday nights, and lasted until 12am Saturday and closer to 1am Sunday, was the type of awesome Halloween party you always wished you’d been able to throw and never could. SJ Tucker, aka Skinny White Chick and lead singer of the trio Tricky Pixie, actually said on Saturday night that we had made up for the costume party she had for her 16th birthday to which NO ONE CAME. šŸ˜¦

I could go down the list of all the performers and a lot of the vendors (I stuck a bunch of their business cards in my corset so I wouldn’t lose them!), but I’d rather describe what I saw, and tell you how it all felt.

Fire jugglers–Kirkus (couldn’t find a website)Ā and Ignition. HOLY CRAP. These guys and gals are AMAZING. Seriously. Tricks with flaming staves, flaming sword, flaming big ball on a chain, fire breathing, a little belly dancing, and some other flaming things I can’t even describe. I’ve never seen a show like that live, and it was inspiringly gorgeous–and a little bit scary, considering I thought various performers, their clothes, or their hair might catch on fire at any moment. No such horrible thingĀ happened, however; it was pure glory.

Of the musical acts, my favorites were (in no partiular order) Alexander James Adams, Celia Farran, Tricky Pixie, Vixy and Tony, and SJ Tucker. Celia was someone I’d never heard of, but she was talented and enchanting–she and her alter ego, a little girl who was funny and silly and charming.

I’ve heard Alexander James Adams, Celia, Tricky Pixie, Vixy and Tony, and SJ Tucker sing before in various places. They all kind of invade each other’s music, depending on who is at each performance, so the best way to tell who is actually billed as a performer is to see who is there, who is singing backup, and then listen to the songs performed (if you know their songs).

The energy of all the performers, particularly SJ Tucker and Tricky Pixie, gave each night laughter, solemnity, and a magical experience that sometimes bordered on the spiritual. I’ve seen these performers elsewhere, but this weekend’s shows were my favorites. My friend A and I will surely keep following them around theĀ Pacific Northwest for as long as they keep performing. šŸ™‚


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