saturday morning…

…and I’m just not that tired. Doesn’t help that I slept until almost 1pm today–day 2 of my “migraine”. I don’t actually get migraines, but my boss and my work friends think I do…

Do I feel guilty, lying about migraines to take days off? Nope, not so much. Do I realize that I will now have to make up these two days at some point, since I’m out of PTO days for the year? Yup, I realize that. I just needed to not work Thursday and Friday. Thursday I was finishing a corset for a friend for Halloween stuff this weekend, and today I just couldn’t get out of bed.

I’m still pretty pissed about working Saturdays. I’m so pissed I’m really, seriously looking for other career options–like becoming a doula, or a midwife. Turns out midwifery requires A LOT more school, while doula training requires a basic 4 day course. This sounds a little fishy, but it is on the Bastyr University website. Must be legit. So I’m going to talk to the new doula at my church (who is also an alto in the choir), and see what she can tell me. It’s $629 for the initial training, and they have them pretty often. There are other trainings given as well, and I might look into some of those, too.

Speaking of corsets…I bought myself one online. It was too big, so I altered it this evening and it fits a lot better now–but will require tighter lacing at the top in the back so I don’t look like I’m actually falling out of it, and possibly some sort of…something…around the shoulders, so I don’t feel like I’m naked. *sigh* This could be very, very interesting…and a little bit racy. I did manage to take the stupid ribbon trim off around the top and the bottom, and I like it a lot better now. MUCH better now. It was altogether too frilly before.

Well, to bed, I guess. I have to do the newsletter tomorrow–I mean later–and a bunch of other stuff, too. Gonna be a busy day!


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