not getting any work done

Nothing whatsoever. Not even a little bit. It’s created–November’s newsletter, that is. It even says “November 2010” at the top, and it’s saved in its own folder. But that’s it. I haven’t even opened the newsletter EMAIL yet. *sigh* I guess I’ll have to either get a little bit done before I go home (though this seems unlikely), or I’ll have to do a lot of work on it tomorrow afternoon at some point, since I’ll be busy tonight and tomorrow.

I sent a pic of me in the corset to my friend who I’m going to the event with tonight, and she told me I need to wear it. She also said she’s jealous that I am able to flaunt what I’ve got. Funny…to me, it feels like I’ve propped the girls up on a shelf and they’re just sitting there jiggling a little bit. *sigh* But I’m wearing it tonight, though I will be leaving the pashmina artfully draped at all times to cover some skin… And I need to make a couple of tucks so I feel more secure before we go. Back to the sewing machine!


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