massage therapy

It’s hard for me to believe that, just a few short years ago, I’d never had a professional massage. I’d had a few shoulder rubs here and there from friends or from my sister, and then there were the other kinds of massages–the ones from boyfriends. 🙂 I had a boyfriend in college who was particularly gifted in that regard, but none since then have been. My screening process obviously has some flaws…

Anyway, the professional massage: it’s amazing. I’ve had them from two different therapists, and one shorter one from a friend of mine in massage therapy school–I was “homework”. The first massage I had was okay; it was relaxing, and I felt pretty good afterwards, but the effects were pretty short-lived. I haven’t been back to see that young lady, though I sure she’s nice and talented and I know that I could give much better direction now.

The second massage, which was given by my now-current therapist, was the best thing EVER. ALMOST better than sex. 😉 When I left the office that day, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go play soccer for the rest of the day or go home and take the sweetest nap I’d ever had. Since I had to go to work, neither of those options occurred, unfortunately. But every time I leave there, I feel awesome. I felt as amazing today when I was leaving as I did when I left yoga yesterday. It’s like someone took every single muscle–including the ones that were sore from yesterday’s yoga, and those muscles in my back that have been bugging me–and just made them completely relaxed and comfortable and more completely functional than they’ve been in months.

Now that I’m sitting at my desk, everything hurts again. Not so much the muscle pains from the yoga, but the back pain–that’s definitely back, and the ibuprofen’s not kicking in just yet. 😛 And even though I’ve had a triple venti mocha, I’m still falling asleep at my desk. Again. Still.

My point is that professional massage is well worth the money–whether your insurance pays for any of it or not. Mine pays part of it, since the therapist is part of my chiropractor’s office. It’s definitely worth looking into.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need some more coffee. Which means I need to run to the supermarket down the street and get some half and half.


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